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Repeat after me: I am not a goth.
2001-04-11 - 9:06 p.m.

Y'know, I've never been one to try to define exactly what is & isn't gothic... but I know it when I see it, & I'm not it. Of course, most of what people seem to think is gothic nowadays isn't, either.

If you never were a goth, or if you used to think you were a goth until "goth" started meaning "I worship Marilyn Manson, wear *really* bad makeup, & try really hard to be different like everyone else", yet people continue to mistake you for a goth, then please join my diaryring.

Please have the html snippet for this ring somewhere on your site where people can find it ASAP. I no longer have the time to remind people to get the html on their site... from now on, you have exactly one week to get the html up. Whenever I peruse the ring & find a site w/o the html snippet, that diary will be removed w/o warning (and that includes diaries that have the html hidden in some arcane corner of their sites... keep your ring html on your main page, on your archive page, or another page that's *clearly* linked from your main page).

Passworded diaries are absolutely not allowed, & will be removed immediately without warning.

Please do not join this ring if you are currently a member of any "gothic" diaryrings. Any diary that is a member of a gothic diaryring will be removed immediately w/o warning.

If you're unsure of what, exactly, constitutes "notagoth", or wonder why I'm a bitch & won't let "gothic-ones" join my diaryring, read this.

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Give a Clix, if you please.

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midi came from Ravenswood Manor

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